So.... Rage 2...

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So.... Rage 2...

Post » Thu May 16, 2019 3:15 pm


  • Amazing FPS combat. Like, wow!
    Awesome audio. Shotty sounds like heaven (or hell for the Goons on the receiving end)
    Graphics, for the main part, are decent. Mostly.
    Characters. Tough one. Some are ace, others are utterly forgettable. Some very odd humour. 50/50
    Framerate is great - The move to Vulkan was a wise decision.
    Skills - Awesome! SLAM ME MORE!
    Blood, Gore and brutality - Say no more. Love it!
    Animations - For the most part, pretty decent. Lots of variety.
  • Driving. What happened? Why not directly lift Mad Max's driving mechanic? It seems they've done that, partially. Not a fan. However, it's functional.
    Music - Mostly forgettable.
    AI - very hit and miss. You can beat most boss characters by hiding behind scenery. Pop out, shoot weak point, shoot more. Rinse and repeat until death.
I'll have more thoughts to post soon. I'm only 7 hours in and there's still plenty to do, although I expect repetition will set in once the main missions are finished.

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Post » Mon May 20, 2019 12:37 pm

Its a great game, but man... It has some crazy issues. Things like not being able to melee the item crates, how the world just glitches out and you see through everything in places, the fact they don't even have depth checking on the damn main weapon...

But then gameplay wise, they have excellent gunplay, coupled with the worst driving I've seen this gen. I mean, this is from the people who made Mad Max, and yet the driving in this is awful. I can't turn for shit, the speeds are terrible, the accel and decal is too long...

I've not played a game with so many cons to match the pros like this in a long time. I clearly needed more time in the oven...
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